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Gate Automation

Many residential properties have driveway gates but many are left open every day because of the hassle of having to manually open and close the gates to get into the property. In the past, having electric gates was only available to the wealthy. However, as new affordable technology has been brought to market, more and more people are now automating their entrances to address the increasing issues of home security caused by the current downturn in the economy.

For people looking for the convenience of having electric gates, there are a number of different automation options available from the BFT, one of the world leaders in gate automation. For swing gate applications, the BFT Sub, synonymous with underground operators, is widely considered as the standard for home owners who want the best automation system where the motor is hidden from view. In certain environments, other home owners chose one of the range of BFT Lux RAMs, a family of above ground operators that attach from the gate pier onto the gate itself. For home owners with smaller gates, the final choice to automate swing gates is the BFT Igea, an automation system where the motors are connected to the gates with articulated arm.

Some home owners have a limited space at the front of their property and select the BFT Deimos sliding gate motor to automate the gate at the entrance to their property, with the benefit of taking up a limited amount of space as the mechanism opens and shuts.

For people who manage the entrance and security of industrial and commercial sites, there are additional possibilities to the swing and sliding gate systems where more powerful motors are available for what are invariably larger and heavier gates.

Many industrial sites select the BFT Michelangelo barrier, with boom lengths of up to 8 metres to automatically restrict the traffic coming in and out of both commercial and industrial sites. The BFT Stoppy, an automatic rising bollard, is another solution that site managers are selecting as a convenient method of controlling traffic without restricting the movement of people.

At Bramble & Co., our objective is to work with manufacturers automation technology where a wide range of world class products are available for us to meet the exact needs of each customer and client we work with. BFT's products meets this requirement.